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Buy With Confidence

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Buy With Confidence

Inland Seafood of ATL provides all the Fresh Fish you have come to trust and enjoy every week in Eric’s Fresh Fish Market Sylva & Franklin.

I approached Mike Hulsey, Director of Retail Operations in the fall of 2007 with my idea to open a Fresh Fish Market here in the Mountains. He was intrigued. Fresh Fish Markets don’t have the strongest track record in WNC; many come and many go. But Mike understood my business plan for a defined business that focused on event: Eating Fresh Fish for the Weekend. He jumped on the opportunity, and with his help, I opened the first Eric’s Fresh Fish Market in Sylva, the summer of ’08.

My previous 22 years experience serving WNC through opening from the ground up four restaurants and then, a brief stint teaching at Western Carolina University gave me not only the vision for a fresh fish market but developed the necessary tools, knowledge, and familiarity with this area to open a dedicated Fresh Fish Market.  

Working exclusively with Inland sets Eric’s Fresh Fish Market apart from your average fish-mongerer. We are joined hand-to-hand with Inland, a Seafood company that drives the Seafood Industry from their home base in Atlanta on through to warehouses and distribution facilities in Birmingham, New Orleans, and Charlotte (Click Here) serving both Retail Grocers (Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Publix, Kroger, to name a few, with a variety of seafood products and condiments) and Restaurants (many local restaurants we all enjoy, along with several national chains) throughout the Southeast. We proudly share alongside locally and regionally owned businesses our relationship with Inland (Click Here).

This exclusive relationship with Inland assures our customers of getting Safe, Quality Fresh Fish every time we open the doors Thursday – Friday – Saturday. Their commitment to food quality and safety is evidenced by Inland’s ongoing relationship with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Safe Quality Foods Program where Inland Seafood enjoys an SQF 2000 Level 3 certification.

We share this same dedication both philosophically and practically through our exclusive commitment to buying product from the No. 1 provider of Fresh Fish in the Southeast.

So, when you visit the Market, and Alice or Lynda, or Linda Ross and Nancie Wilson, me, or any one of our friends that help out on occasion, you can buy with confidence.

Fresh Fish: Thursday – Friday – Saturday.