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Year's Supply of Fresh Fish?

Sunday, December 04, 2011



I remember the late 70s, living in Germany anticipating the coming Apocalypse, friends moving to the Mountains, living in abandoned castles in the dead of winter 79, stockpiling food, garnering resources, making plans to ride out the storm . . . apart from the fact this is a genuine offer, as noted: this offer wouldn't exist if folks weren't buying it. That's a lot of money up front, individual or group. Sam's Club is offering a "year's supply of food for 40 people" for only $ 29, 999.00! (click here) .

In today's tight economy what's amazing is that a major retailer like Sam's Club is offering this product (have heard Costco offers it too). They wouldn't unless someone was buying it.

Stay tuned, I'm working on one for Fresh Fish; always open to ideas! (Email Eric)