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Love and Fear and Fresh Fish

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Haven't posted in a while, but "Love and Fear" seems to be a continually relevant contemplation. Topically, what do love and fear have to do with Fresh Fish? I'm one of those people who believes everything is connected, nothing exists in a vacuum. "Love and Fear and Fresh Fish," let's see what happens:

My wife Norma and I read together virtually every morning. We pray together, too. Our selections vary, from seasonal poetry and literature to scriptures, sometimes she will pull out a portion of her journal and read something she's contemplating. We'll discuss it and, hopefully, start our day in similar space. 

This morning, Norma had me pull out my Bible Promise book, the one with captions leading "Where to read when..." It's an old Rex Humbard scripture compilation given to me years ago by a long since passed dear friend. We decided to read the section "When you are Afraid." My skittish nature often visits there, and this morning, before the sun popped out, was particularly dark in our old farm house. Cold, outside of our blankets, and silent here in Valley View. Our warrior cat, Aragorn, discovered another pony-tail band on the steep steps and began attacking it in the dark, shattering the silence and growling as if his "catch" was about to get away. As ponies do.

"Perfect love casts out fear." That's the passage we centered on from I John in the New Testament. Aragorn decided to let the "pony holder" live for another day and scurried out the mud room cat door. We read out loud, put the promise book down across our white comforter and listened to the silence. Aragorn outside searching for something more challenging to wrestle with, mice and rabbits and no doubt, large animals, trembling with fear as he prowled the grounds.

Norma broke the silence: "It's all about love and fear. The Fish Market. Cullowhee Mountain Arts. Your music. The CD. My art. Friends, family, the election, everything. All of it boils down to a battle between love and fear, and what we're going to give into, how we are going to live. What we choose to do and practice."

Then we prayed and walked into today. What does this have to do with Fresh Fish? Hmmm... it's rather obvious, isn't it?