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2012: Failure is Not Trying

Monday, January 02, 2012


Make no bones about it, this post is completely inspired by Aaron Lee's New Year's Blog, "Failure is Not Doing" (click here) which my daughter, Ahna, shared with me this morning. Go to the link, read his thoughts and comments (from both him and contributors) defining "Failure"; then watch the five minute video, "Running for my existence," about one man's commitment to run the Boston Marathon. Humbling and Inspiring at the same time, I find myself looking ahead to 2012 with expectation and a hunger for clarity on many levels professional and personal.

If you had told me back in the summer of '08 that 3 1/2 years from then, teaching at Western would be far in my past, a closed chapter, and my world would center around two fresh fish markets here in the mountains, I would've blinked and ... truly, not known what to say. 

 Yet, Life leads us down many roads, one journey, but inter-related paths that more often than not take us places we'd not initially anticipated, nor chosen; or perhaps, we really have chosen them? I don't know. Yet, the privilege, and joy, of the Fish Markets continues to remind me, Life is full of surprises, and steps of Faith are often taken without realizing them as such; we're simply doing what comes next and letting our paths reveal themselves as we move forward. Is that what faith really is?

Aaron Lee's inspiring post reminds we are building our own futures. What is failure? Is Failure good or bad? Necessary for one reason or another; an intrusion, unavoidable? Why does it even matter?

I once told my older brother during a bleak moment in his life that as long as you're trying, you can't fail. Was I right? That was long ago, so many rivers have passed under our bridges since then.

This morning, I got up --without any sense of New Year's Resolution in mind; besides, they're simply another opportunity to embrace guilt and shame when I get distracted-- got in my car, went to the track, and walked far doesn't matter, I stopped and walked and 2012 seems a little more promising.