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Fresh Fish: Thursday • Friday • Saturday! 

    Eric's Weekly Catch!

    Fresh Fish Order Guide

    Tuesday afternoon b/w 1 & 3 pm

    Click Here to sign up!

    Pre-Order by 5 pm Wednesday and save $1.00 lb

    on ALL Fresh Fish

    3 Locations: 



     Thursday & Friday 11 - 6 

    ***Closed Saturday July 4th***

    (OPEN: in Cashiers TailGate Market and 

    Waynesville Farmers Market)  

    Email Eric or call 828-587-3474/FISH

    Saturday mornings 8-12 (or sell out)

    Look for Eric's Fresh Fish Market in

    Haywood's Historic Farmers Market

    (HART Theater Parking Lot)


      Cooking Light

      city lights
      Q: Why Avocado Oil? 
      A: FISH! Sear in the flavor and juices of your favorite fish and seafood perfectly with the oil which contains the HIGHEST smoke
      point of all oils: Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil in refillable bottles that lowers cost below Olive Oil! (Click Here) Tasty - Versatile - and Healthy!