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Fresh Fish: Thursday • Friday • Saturday! 

Sign up for Eric's Weekly Catch, it's FREE! Every Tuesday afternoon you'll receive a list of what will arrive FRESH! Thursday in 

Sylva, Franklin and Waynesville.  Click Here

    This is a Shellfish Pre-Order Guide


    Fresh Oysters for Super Bowl Sunday    must be ordered by 7 am

    Monday 26th January.

    These will arrive Thursday the 29th

    and will be excellent for Sunday's game b/w the Pats and the Seahawks.


    Eric's Weekly Catch!

    Fresh Fish

    order guide will be sent out

    Tuesday afternoon b/w 1 & 3 pm. 


    3 Locations: 



    Thursday / Friday 11 - 6, Saturday 11 - 3




    Let us know where to hold your order


    Pre-Order by 7 am Monday morning for Thursday delivery:


    1. Wild Peruvian Scallops, MED  20-30 Ct. IQF  $14.99 lb

    2. Wild Argentine Royal Red Shrimp EZ-Peel 16-20 Ct.             2 lb Bag $29.99 ea; or $15.99 lb

    3. MED Maine Lobster Tails, 4 oz ea      2 for $14.99

    4. 50 Ct. Littleneck Clams $23.99 bag / 3 dz Min.                                                                $6.99 dz

    5. 5 lbs Maine Mussels                       $ 19.99 bag

    6. East Coast Fresh Oysters 100 ct.  $79.99 3 OR

                                3 dz min. $8.99 dz

    ​7. Orca Bay Alaskan King Crab Legs (2 lb min)                                                                 $23.99 lb 

    8. All-Natural Australian Ribeye, 100% Grass-Fed                                        @ 10-12 lb            $13.99 lb

    9. All-Natural Australian Beef Tenderloin, 100% Grass-Fed                 @ 4-6 lbs             $17.99 lb                  

    Email Eric or call 828-587-3473/FISH


      Itsumo Sushi Grade Tuna

      city lights
      Q: Why Avocado Oil? 
      A: FISH! Sear in the flavor and juices of your favorite fish and seafood perfectly with the oil which contains the HIGHEST smoke
      point of all oils: Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil in refillable bottles that lowers cost below Olive Oil! (Click Here) Tasty - Versatile - and Healthy!